I saw winter green lakes

turn to dark silence

I saw voices unleashed

repeat themselves twice

Where did the mountain go?

what did the mountain say?

I can’t let you go anywhere

beside us lays golden ladder

the road to paradise of love

unleashed by us




Once I had a taciturn

Sing a quiet morning song

Nobody was so awake

To dare to listen and partake

But the sanguine taciturn

Kept on whistling his songs

Till his spirit proudly walked

till his soul in symbols talked

Nobody could undertake

What this man profoundly said

Oh, the languid taciturn

So quiet a man, so loud a horn



Many men. Cartoons of lust and wealth, the outcomes of marriage. The unforgiven sins the ward, the psychiatric illnesses. The priests. The men on television shows, the plastic figures of television idols. Shock value TV. Tongues splatter over the screen as the lady in blue walks her walk and does…