The Stigma Around 9–5 jobs

Why is going to a job so difficult? Why is it that a mundane action of waking up and going somewhere makes us suddenly feel out of it, as if we are not made for it at all. As if we are truly made for something else, for something that is highly above us and not making us do whatever it is that is being done to us as a result. Whatever it is, here is how you can figure out whether or not you should look for something else or not.

We can say without hesitation that working a job sucks. Nobody likes it, Not me, not you, not that guy over there who is barely keeping up with the constant lifestyle changes trying to evolve into a new person.

You like the job, not the people in it

While this may seem like an obvious issue, its not really all that clear when it comes down to what people may consider troubling or not. Often times, we do not have a clear picture of where we are going, we do simply not know where the direction is taking us. We are like flying bees hovering around a soda can trying to see what its like to be sweet in all its presence. Thus, it is imperative that you try to see whether it is the atmosphere that you dislike and not the job. I know working in an office can be tough, but do you think there is a difference between working in an office somewhere in the wretched parts of town versus in the middle of a major city overseeing large skyscrapers. That’s a difference duh.

You think that because you work a 9–5 that you are not worthy of anything else.

The stigma in our society regarding these jobs makes it almost impossible to forgive oneself and to take it easy regarding one’s future. It is obvious that all of that is hard work and not for everyone. However, what you need to realize is that all people have to go through that. Well, most of us anyway. If we didn’t we wouldn’t have what we have today. But because of the major shows and media telling you to quit the job and live the life of your dreams, working a 9–5 often seems like you are being downgraded to a person who does not live out his or her dreams fully and that is just is not true. Working a 9–5 can be incredibly rewarding if you enjoy your job and what it brings you.

You are lazy

If you were to ask yourself what would you rather do than go to your job, many people would often mention participating in an activity that involves procrastination. Even with traveling let’s say, you can only travel for so many years. Its not precisely that easy to travel all your life, even if you did have all the money you wanted to get, you would still be out of it a little bit. This is because it is really not that easy, there is a lot to it that not everyone can understand. And most likely, if you were to agree that you would rather do something more productive, then perhaps there is even a job for that. But the question of what you want to do is sometimes never answered, even in the person’s 30s. This is because of the nature of life, it is unpredictably hard to make a proper guess in regards with one future. To even come up with this idea that we can be sure that our prediction is correct is very unlikely. Therefore, it is impeccable that we commit to something without the influence.

It may get better

While this may not be the case for the majority of jobs, it certainly is the case for some jobs where there is a period of getting used to the work before you face the real adjustment to the job you have chosen. A lot of times we can be struck by something unknown on our way to our new jobs. Suddenly we no longer want to live that way or to be involved in that job at all. Something changes and we are no longer able to make our case for why it occurs and what the reasons for it are. But as time passes by, it may just get better and we may just see that behind all the funk that we have encountered in the very first months of our job, the clutter seemed to disappear and we managed to finally found the answer to the questions that we have asked before.v